Wiper foam balls for oil well cementing


Wiper foam balls for oil well cementing.

Wiper foam balls for oil well cementing 2019

We are one of the leading supply and services firm serving oilfield industry in the world. We are supplier of wiper foam balls for oil well cementing.


Wiper foam balls for oil well cementing.

The foam wiper ball and dart are designed to wipe drillpipe or tubing string clean of cement, fluids or debris and can be used to separate fluids.

Wiper foam balls for oil well cementing.








Foam wiper ball is an ultimate solution for petroleum and gas explorer’s cementing job. An explorer can finalize his cementing job with ever best result after drilling by using our products. Therefore we are moving forward step by step.

We engineered foam wiper ball for oil and gas industries.

Especially relevant oil& gas field  applicator can buy Merit’s drill pipe foam wiper balls

We produced the foam wiper ball made of natural rubber of open cell design. Customers can buy the ball with a parting stretch of 380% to 440. What parting stretch meaning is that can pass through small restrictions without being damaged..

We generated wiper balls made of natural rubber. Customers can use foam balls in a temperature range of – 40°C to 300°C.

Oil fielder consider that foam wiper balls may be damaged when pumped through restrictions as small as those listed in this column. I invite you to see above chart.

We offered drilling wiper balls for the industry to wipe drill pipe or tubing string clean of cement, fluids or debris. Oil field experts can use the wipers to separate fluids.

Customer can load the foam wiper balls into drill pipe or tubing connections basic. It easily passes through internal upset restrictions such as mechanical setting tools and liner running tools. In addition you can use multiple balls pumped if necessary.

Consequently applicator can use the foam wiper balls for all types of drilling and displacement fluids. We are providing you ultimate solution for your cementing job to finalize with best result.

Finally we are accepting orders from all over the world of petroleum and gas field industry.