Caterpillar h160 blunt hydraulic hammer breaker bit


Caterpillar h160 blunt hydraulic hammer breaker bit.

Caterpillar h160 blunt hydraulic hammer breaker bit 2019

We can ship all spare parts to your locations all over the world. Therefore we use air cargo, sea lines and road ways. Borders are no challenge for us. New York or Narita. No difficult departures for us. Consequently a customer can order from all over the globe.

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Above all do you have any inquiry for Caterpillar h160 blunt hydraulic hammer breaker bit? Even more we are responsive here since year 2005.

In addition the other parts we are supplying to hydraulic rock breaker hammers listed below:

1. Piston/ percussion/ striker.
2. Front head/ chuck housing/ lower hammer part.
3. Wear bushes.
4. Wear rings.
5. Through bolt/ tie rod with or without nuts.
6. Seal kit.
7. Membranes/ diaphragms.
8. Tool bit with types of moil, pyramid, blunt, chisel and custom.
9. Elastic pads and other polyurethane parts.
10. Accumulator.
11. Side bolt.
12. You can also send us your samples or technical drawing to re-manufacture any rock breaker part.

You can read FAQ below.

1. R&D capability:

We have our own R&D department to enable the market and industry improvement. We supply qualified products by our own sources.

2. Strict quality control system:

A professional QC team member and advanced machinery to ensure the quality of our products are excellent.


Offering best product, best service and best price to our clients is our eternal philosophy.

4.Raw materials collection:

A long term cooperation relationship is kept with eligible suppliers of raw materials which ensures the high quality of our products from 1st step.

5.Advanced transporter support:

We have various transport agreement with world’s major air, sea, road and express cargo specialists.

6.Steady spare parts supply:

We keep stock all the core-parts of the breakers, so a reliable spare parts supply system is set up.

7.Varied choice for different types of hydraulic breakers:

Our hydraulic hammer spare parts can be applied for all kinds of breakers e.g. Krupp, Rammer, Soosan, Daemo, Sandvik, Atlas Copco, MTB, DNB, MSB, Allied, Toku, Topa and others.

8.Exporting experience:

Aprofessional exporter staff is promoting our rock breaker spare parts to 62 countries more in the world.

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